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More than 8000 houses and apartments!


More than 1500 offices, warehouses and retail space

Investment objects

More than 300 development, cash flow and land investment properties

New projects

New projects and renovated buildings in Riga and Jurmala

Full service real estate and consulting agency


Marketing and sales
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Sales Management - Sales Office, Meetings & Negotiations, Contract Preparation
  • Collaboration with banks and other agencies
Market analysis and evaluation
  • Market Segment Supply, Demand, and Transaction Analysis
  • Rental and sale price evaluation
  • Real Estate Valuation
Financial analysis and investments
  • In-depth financial analysis and planning of real estate cash flow
  • Financial Modeling for Development Projects
  • Attracting investment to development projects
Project management
  • Ensuring Effective Management
  • Systematic revenue increase and expenditure optimization
  • Investment and Development Project Management
Starlex Real Estate is a company with more than 10 years of experience and an extensive database!
49758 Apartments
11748 Houses
19748 Commercial
188 New projects
254 Investment objects
All rental and sales brokers are certified agents
Real estate professional with more than 18 years work experience

Egīls Smilktiņš, Chief executive officer
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  • Real estate sale
  • Object evaluation
  • Management
  • Business plan development
  • Consultations
In the news and current events we share all what is important in the real estate industry!
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